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... at HEILEIN IP LAW, yours Law Firm of Intellectual Property Specialists in getting, defense, enforcement and licensing of Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Designs, Marks) - amidst at NordAllianz - Metro Region Munich North , an alliance of interests of eight communities of the districts Munich and Freising, naimly: Eching, Garching, Hallbergmoos, Ismaning, Neufahrn, Oberschleissheim, Unterfoehring and Unterschleissheim.

As a longstanding team, highly qualified in the handling of national, european and international Patent-, Design- and Trademark- rights, we know the amount of time and the expenses needed for the development of a new product or the establishment of a Trade Mark / Service Mark. Given that in most cases a protection of (trade) secrets cannot be realized for practical reasons, we offer legal advice to business companies of any size as well as start-ups and free inventors in all important fields of intellectual property rights and the protection of innovative performances.

Contrary to the legal system of the United States of America, the German as well European legal system is characterized by a two-stage structure, manifesting itself both in the technical as well as in the esthetical area (patents / utility models ; copyright / registered designs). In each case the so-called “small coin” (utility models ; registered designs) is laid out for quick availability and very low requirements in favor of anyone seeking legal protection. In this respect the more differentiated German intellectual property rights are furthermore completed by the judicial case law of unfair competition as mentioned in §§ 3 und 4 ff. UWG, which contains information on the third important field, namely the law of signs and marks.

According to our key aspects of activity and interests (menu), our work focuses on the individual advice and support of an innovation, starting from the period of its development over the process of application of property rights to its assertion and realization. Furthermore, the team of   HEILEIN  IP  LAW  , established in Unterschleißheim near Munich since 2002, is in close contact to a national and international network of specialized attorneys and patent attorneys, enabling us to offer our clients competent support for a wide range of interests and subjects.

Key Aspects of Activities

Our specialization includes all National, European and International procedures for obtaining, defending or enforcing industrial property rights (patents, designs, trademarks) ...
Key Aspects of Interests

Our experience also includes all procedures for the enforcement, delimitation or licensing of industrial property rights (patents, designs, trademarks), including conflict resolution (mediation) ...
Technical Fields
Technical Fields

The competencies of the patent attorneys and scientific experts at HEILEIN IP LAW extend to numerous technical and scientific areas, in particular ...
Globales Netzwerk
Global Netzwork

Our global network, which has grown over many years, includes lawyers and patent attorneys abroad, so that any interests of our clients can be optimally represented ...
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More than 25 years of IP Competence since 1996.

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