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Intellectual Property Specialists

  • Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz
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Welcome at  HEILEIN  IP  LAW  . . .

. . . Yours Law Firm of Intellectual Property Specialists in getting, defense, enforcement and licensing of Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Designs, Marks) - amidst at NordAllianz - Metro Region Munich North, an alliance of interests of the communities Eching, Garching, Hallbergmoos, Ismaning, Neufahrn, Oberschleissheim, Unterfoehring and Unterschleissheim.

As a longstanding team, highly qualified in the handling of national, european and international Patent-, Design- and Trademark- rights, we know the amount of time and the expenses needed for the development of a new product or the establishment of a Trade Mark / Service Mark. Given that in most cases a protection of secrets cannot be realized for practical reasons, we offer legal advice to business companies of any size as well as start-ups and free inventors ...

Technical Fields

The Patent Attorneys at  HEILEIN  IP  LAW  are graduate engineers or natural scientists, with practical experience in industry and additional judicial studies for at least three years finishing with a national state-approved examination. Due to these qualifications the Patent Attorneys and Scientific Experts at HEILEIN IP LAW are capable of consulting clients on a wide range of technical fields. The competences of the Patent Attorneys and Scientific Experts at   HEILEIN   IP   LAW   comprise numerous technical and scientific fields ...