Key Aspects of Activity
Our specialization includes all National, European and International proceedings for obtaining and defending industrial property rights (patents, designs, trademarks). In the following we provide you with some information on important keywords and topics from our area of activity.

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  • Patents
    Patent law protects industrially applicable inventions, provided they are new and based on a ...
Employed Inventors Law
Software Protection
Utility Models

Trade and Service Marks
Corporate Names
Doamin Search
  • Domain Names
    The Internet is a worldwide data network that is decentralized and allows data transmission from any ...
Nuernberger Gingerbread

  • Designs
    The Design Law protects designs and models. Their protectability presupposes that the products ...
  • Title of Works
    In principle, the titles of works such as publications, films, computer programs, etc. are also named after ...

More than 25 years of IP Competence since 1996.

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