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Been creative?

  • You have a new innovative technical idea through a flash of genius ("an inspiration from God") or methodical work?
  • You are artistically or entrepreneurially creative - but you don't know if and how you can protect your creativity?
  • Are you wondering to what extent patents, designs and/or trademarks increase your attractiveness in the eyes of investors or customers?
  • You are an employee, made an invention and are uYou are an employee, made an invention and are uncertain about what to consider now?

Restricted feedom to operate?

  • You have been warned on the basis of a patent, design or trademark and do not know what to do?
  • You believe that an intellectual property right is not valid and would like to know if and how you can take action against it?

Imitated and copied?

  • You want or need to take action against a suspected infringer based on a patent, a design or a trademark?
  • Have you been robbed of an idea or other creative result and are wondering how to defend yourself against it?

Whatever your concerns are ...

  • Outline your topic briefly without obligation in the contact form below or contact us otherwise (via phone, email, etc.).
  • We will be happy to show you your options for action as part of a free initial consultation:

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